New Tiger Owner


Just joined and thought I would say hi.
Have had various Triumphs over the years and currently have a 2022 Tiger 1200 GT Pro.

Am loving the bike and the way it performs.

Had a very low speed off back in October when the bike just cut out as I was parking causing me to fall off denting my left Expedition pannier and putting some scuffs on the upper and lower crash bars.

2 dealers have both looked at the bike as it has cut out 4 times since I bought it new earlier this year and have found nothing wrong :expressionless:

My left foot I discovered 3 weeks ago is quite badly broken after I got trapped under the bike, will be speaking to Triumph UK again to let them know about my foot and to ask what is being done about the many Tigers this is happening too.


That is too bad about your foot, hope that recovers ok.

Is there a way for you to adust the throttle for that?

I’ve had similar problem with carburerator engine (non-motorbike) need to make adustments to prevent that from happening.

As with most modern bikes Michael nearly everything is electronic so as far as I know no manual adjustment is possible.

I would like Triumph to admit that there is an issue!

That’s definitley a problem you could sue them if you wanted but hopefully they will admit their responsibility with that.

It can be a challenge for mechanics to figure out what is the problem if they don’t experience the issue first hand. If you can get video evidence of this issue that may help.

So everything is electronically controlled with that except no electric drive motor?

That can be more reliable than old mechanical systems, but for power source gas is usually superior. Reason why some trains and ships are powered by diesel generators to run electric propulsion motors.

Other things to check are gas/air filters, but those should be fine if this is a new bike. Or could be some gas was contaminated with water or something else, have you checked if this happens with specific kind of gas?

Also welcome to the Triumph Forum!!

Sorry to hear about the foot :unamused:
Hope you get the bike sorted and welcome to the forum :smile:

I bet that wasn’t any fun, the Tiger’s a big heavy bike so you’d stand little chance of saving it if it happens unexpectedly. I hope you get it sorted and that it doesn’t spoil your biking :+1:

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Hi and welcome to forum. Really sorry to hear about your off, not pleasant at all!

My 2022 900 Rally Pro has done this to me twice since I’ve owned it. The first time when I was crawling along at walking pace waiting to turn across traffic into a petrol station - I had the clutch pulled and just as I was about to release the clutch to take advantage of a gap in the traffic, I realised the engine had stopped. That very nearly resulted in a drop. The second time was while slowing for traffic lights, as I pulled in the clutch just before coming to a halt, the engine cut out.

I’ve read about a few cases of Tiger 900’s doing this but yours is the first time I’ve heard about it on the 1200 version.

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Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your foot!
I had a Tiger 900 GT Pro and it did cut out once as I changed from third to second approaching a junction.
Never did it again though but it does seem to be an issue according to the Tiger Facebook groups.

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Welcome to the forum!

That’s a bit of bad luck with your get-off causing real damage to you as well as the bike. It will be interesting to hear how you get on wtih Triumph UK. If you don’t get a satisfactoty response it might be worth seeing. what your rights are as a consumer for goods that may be faulty.

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Welcome, bienvenue,
Hope Triumph will finally come back with an answer.

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Welcome Neil, my first 900 on a 21 plate did this a few times until 12,000 mile service when I think a new map was installed. My 23 plate hasn’t stalled once in 8,000 miles.

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Hi Octoberon,

I spoke with the Citizens Advice Consumer team his morning and they have advised that I should take the bike back to the dealership and ask for a full refund, they said as there are other owners with the 1200 that have had this problem to build a case by asking other people for permission to create a list.

Is it okay to ask on here, are you able to create a Poll?

You can create a poll. Click the cog icon and you’ll see the dropdown menu.

Pop it in the Tiger section if you do.

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Hi and welcome. Sorry to hear about your foot, I hope it gets better soon. On taking your bike back for a full refund you will need to be able to demonstrate that the bike does not meet the standards set out in the sales of goods act, not always that easy. Triumph won’t be interested as your contract is with the dealership.
I have been through this when I returned my speed twin. Got a positive result in the end, but it took a while.


Some talk about this issue here haven’t read all this:

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I have experienced the same issue. The bike had a software udate which did not solve it. It is intermittent, but annoying.

Another thing that bugs me. Triumph boasts their connectivity system allows the rider to operate their Gopro from the handlebars by means of bluetooth. They fail to mention this ONLY works with a Gopro Hero 7 Black, an out of date model. Triumph have NO intention to resolve this issue.

Triumphs reply to my query:

"Dear Wim,

Thank you for contacting Mt Triumph.

It is only the GoPro Hero 7 Black that had its core functionality tested with our system meaning that other models of GoPro may not support all functionality.

There are no future plans to test and support any other GoPro models with our My Triumph Connectivity system.

Kind Regards
My Triumph Support"

‘No Triumph Support’ more like. :frowning:

This is why some of the latest smart phones will not work properly with Triumph Connectivity - they developed the system in 2017 with phones available at the time. I had to start using my older Galaxy model to get it to work.

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There must be more to this. Phones are largely backwards compatible with the Bluetooth implementation. It may be a result of design decision on the part of Triumph, or whoever they contract our their app development to. (Still Triumph’s responsibility as they’d sign it off.)

Obsolescence is the scourge of connected products these days. I bought a newly released TV and about three years later LG had dropped support for the operating system so it wouldn’t load apps for new streaming channels. Consumer associations are pushing back hard on this stuff and more power to their elbows, I say.


This doesn’t state it would only work with that model, just that this is the only one they did testing for so no gurantee other models will work, even if many will.

Overall there is a trend that companies may want older models of things to not work that well or not be compatable with newer products to drive more sales.