New tune (Tiger 1050)

So, after all my ECU shenanigans and snatchy throttle issues that, frankly, litter this forum…I now have map “20548” for my 2010 Tiger 1050.

All I can say is “wow”. Night and day difference in riding - even for me, someone that can’t really tell the difference.

Considering “Triumph” checked my old map (20168)…and said that it was all on and the correct map… And I thought it felt so rough and snatchy at low speed…

Now I can go round a round about without feathering the clutch. The power delivery is smooth.

I now love riding my motorcycle!


Good news! Anything that improves our enjoyment has got to be a good thing :blush:


Is that an updated Triumph map or an aftermarket one?

If the later, do you need to let your insurer know?

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Just checked on TuneECU, your original map was wrong for a standard setup.
Map 20168 is an obsolete map for “1050cc Tiger (Brazil only) with aftermarket exhaust (TORS)”
So “Triumph” (I assume your dealer) should get a good bollocking, and no wonder you was having problems.
Map 20548 is current and correct for a standard Tiger1050


Thank you @Col_C that is very good to hear, in a “was it me” kinda way…and am relieved to get yet more confirmation that it bloomin’ wasn’t!

I generally have no real experience eitherway of dealers as such…anything I might ever want from one (car or bike) is so far out of my price range I wouldn’t even waste their time… I am sure there are some good ones etc…but one generally only ever hears bad things… And who can blame that being the case!?

I explicitly discussed with Triumph (Premier, Oxford) the snatchy throttle issues and I myself said, before anything else let’s get a baseline and check the map is all ok…

£35 it cost me, and about 3½ minutes it cost them to “confirm” I had the right map and that it was up to date.

The rest has slowly unravelled from there …

I think I’m sort of glad I am not in the “new bike” arena where having to use a dealer is necessary; it just feels that everytime you do you should really get a second, independent, opinion.

If you can’t trust a Triumph dealer to tell you the information that some random person on a bike forum has found out (no offence)…then what can you trust them with? I’d love to know…

I think I may start a new thread… “Why use a Triumph dealership when you could use an independent instead”?


Thanks @NealH ; I think the post below yours answers it, that my new one is a current recommended one?

Alas …like dealers, (and my rant just now about them); I find next up is the sham that is sold as “insurance”.

Due diligence should certainly be paid by “them”; but should be done so before taking payment. I have no idea of my map is/was/were correct…and,.how might I check(?)…ask a dealer - see above :exploding_head:.

For this reason, I again, limit myself to owning a bike that, should it come to it, it would be pain to lose…but I wouldn’t be on the breadline. £3k max, and that money/cost has come and gone… I would never ever trust,.let alone expect an insurer to payout. And, if they did…how screwed would I be next time I need insurance?

I insure my bike to the absolute minimum I need to be roadworthy. I spend decent money on decent lock. I keep the bike looking “used” (not showroom condition)…and try not to take any chances…

I certainly wouldn’t use a dealer…and I only use an insurer because I have to.

Rant over. Sorry :neutral_face:

Did your independant take a record/read-out of the original map number? If you have proof of that you might want to present it to “Triumph Oxford” and ask for your money back. :slightly_smiling_face:
They obviously didn’t bother to check their map database! (took me 2 mins)
I would suggest it’s not uncommon to find a “performance” map on a used bike with standard exhaust, owners will often revert the bike back to standard cans when trading in or selling, and then sell the Arrow/TORS cans on ebay (I’ve done it myself). But few bother to remap the ecu back to standard (I did). If a used bike is bought from a dealer you’d like to think they would check and correct - but I doubt it.
In your case it’s particularly bad as not only is it wrong configuration but also obsolete and Brazil only. Apparently Brazil petrol could be as low as 87RON (in the past) so the map would be designed for this plus a more free flowing exhaust, hence your issues.
Anyway all’s well now, glad you got it sorted. :+1: :+1: