New year, new Daytona

Coming on 9th January according to MCN.


Could be a little cracker if they do it properly!

It’ll be a little tiger. :grin:

I’m here all week.

Actually, I don’t know if you mentioned it elsewhere… but at the bottom of the Daytona page, there was this… and that interests me even more!

Our son still has what used to be SWMBO’s 675 Daytona (was black, now has a Castrol paint job)

Perhaps the 660 is going to be a less radical riding position?
Otherwise I don’t see the point, why not make a 765, which is bizarrely what they’ve been running in WSS (a bike they don’t sell in a production category :thinking:) a 765 Street Triple with a fairing.

Edit: I guess the lower power means it’s aimed at attracting younger A2 licence holders to the brand.

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Sportsbike style in a more comfortable, affordable and user friendly package.

They’ve probably seen the success that Yamaha have had with the R7.

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I suspect you’re in the money, there’s. I’d add that they’re looking at a wider market than just the UK, too. It’s a British name but they operate on a global market.

Like all the others it’s just a Trident in different clothes. You can’t just add different plastics and call it a Daytona, Tiger, etc they are completely different bikes imo :unamused:

Looks good I think. Keenly priced at £8595 and 94hp should mean very decent performance. I think it will do well.


At the risk of heresy, it’s not quite as sexy as the Aprilia RS660. The Aprilia does cost over ten grand, though.

The Aprilia is a handsome machine for sure, but it does look like it was coloured in by a five year old :slightly_smiling_face:

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I prefer it to the green one, which looks like a five year old threw up on it. :smile:

MCN has more on the Daytome this week if anyone’s interested.