Next motorcycle auction at Haynes Motor Museum on 6th June 2024

Some interesting stuff in the catalouge for the next auction at Haynee Motor Museum

What the hell is a Triumph Buccaneer? I don’t remember ever hearing of those before.

Paging Mr @Iron:grin:

Yuk! Only a mother could love that :face_vomiting:


A new one on me. The description throw a little more light:

‘Number 15 of 21 machines built by ex Triumph competition manager Les Williams’

Looks like he pirated the Thruxton… :grin:

I’ll get my coat.

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It was the ‘roadster’ version of the L.P. Williams “Legend” (Slippery Sam) motorcycles. Not exactly pretty but very sweet, very desirable and, I’ve no doubt, very expensive. Legends, when they do become available are well north of £15,000 these days.

Wouldn’t say no to this if I could afford it …

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