No room for error - UK ITV4 21.00hrs Monday to Thursday

Unrivalled behind-the-scenes access to the riders who take on the Isle of Man TT races

All this week on ITV4 Monday to Thursday 21.00hrs


Seen the trailer on the TT+ website and it looks brilliant!

Brilliant first episode, well done ITV4.

There is more on ITV4 next week starting at 21.00hrs for one hour except on the Wednesday where it is 21.00 to 23.00hrs.


On the same theme.

8 episodes, no need to pay for TT+. Well worth a watch.

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Talking of the TT…

WTF, He needs his racing licence revoked… permanently, especially at the TT, where he’s racing so close to the public

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Heard this, but we don’t know the what the substance was? It could have been medication which I think can happen sometimes. If not though, yeah, bad form!

They’ve not said. As you say could be medical rather than recreational drugs he’s taken which could also have been accidental and I guess will come out at some stage. If it’s recreational and not accidental then hopefully they’ll come down hard on him.

I reckon ALL sidecar passengers must be on drugs! :laughing: