Noisy Tiger - Gearbox overhaul adventure

Hi all…are you able to hear this “slapping”? It sounds a lot more agricultural in real life?

Is it gearbox? It sounds “near there”.

I did the clutch lifter pin mod couple weeks back…all seems ok (need a new cable)…

Engine warm, and I was accelerating on to fast dual carriageway…up to 4th and then a massive “CLUNK” and then the slappy noise no matter what gear all the way home.

No loss of drive or anything but there’s definitely an issue …

I did notice when I pulled over initially I had it “in neutral” but bike wouldn’t roll. Could fiddle the gear lever and it would find neutral.

Am considering taking off the covers and looking at the clutch etc to make sure a springs not broken or something…

Am also doing an oil change so will look for any debris.

Any “thoughts” otherwise…

2010 Tiger 1050 ABS. 30K

Link to video of noise - it in 3rd in this video…

Definitely not right. I would have the clutch cover off and look in there.

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Thanks David…agreed…

Am in there now…and can’t see anything untoward…

Am now waiting on the clutch removal tool so I can get behind the basket and see if there’s anything…

Just pulled this out the sump with a magnet…

And this - a tooth?

I checked the waste oil in the pan, and nothing…

Had a look through the manual for a corresponding “tab”…

Any thoughts

And some more possibilities

I have a horrible sinking feeling that this is an “engine out” affair…

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Think you may have identified the tab on page 7.7 of the service manual. Looking at the parts diagram, and searching for the part number of the ‘keeper plate’ gets an ebay listing with a photo…

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If it is that keeper plate then the obvious way it would break is if the bearing it ‘keeps’ is being pushed out, possibly by debris from some other breakage getting jammed into the selector drum? I have no experience of gear problems and am just speculating based on looking at parts diagrams.

Either way, it’s not looking good :frowning:

Thanks…and…agreed… :roll_eyes:

The thing is…what are my options. This is what I’m considering…

I absolutely and in no way can afford to “have it fixed”. The cost of getting it to a garage, perhaps I could cover…but the time (cost) to get the engine out…let alone investigate and replace…and then cost to refit engine…

It’s gonna cost me more than the £150 I have ‘spare’! :rofl:.

I would imagine the cost of a repair is likely approaching the value of the bike - so what does that mean!?

I have been in contact with “we buy any bike” etc so will see what they say. But as a non runner I doubt it’ll be worth anything.

So do I cut my losses…and if I get a few hundred for it…start again on another runaround…? The pain of the hit of the £3k I bought it for 2 plus years ago is kinda gone and absorbed now.

But…part of me feels there’s a project coming on.

It can not be beyond the wit of man - erm…that’s me, to fix this, surely?

It’s just nuts and bolts…right? :grimacing:

I have an official manual. I have the internet…I even have some spanners! But do I have the b#lls?

I will continue to consider my options…but apologies in advance if this turns in to an epic gearbox overhaul thread!!!

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Take the engine out and offer it to a garage, this would save money.
Check the web for similar, Shirley cant be the only one.

Sprint ST 1050 does say remove and split engine. Not the same , cant be that different.

Not much help Im afraid.


Hmmm…not a bad shout about me doing the leg work and taking the engine to a garage… :thinking:


If its a non-runner now, it’ll still be a non-runner if you try to fix and fail. You’ve nothing to loose, and a great deal of satisfaction to gain by fixing it.


The individual gears in the gearbox seem to be around £80 each, and possibly the damage may be just one broken gear tooth, or the gear it meshes with too. There’s the broken retaining tab, and after splitting engine you’d probably need new gaskets, plus new oil and filter (because what’s in there may have metal bits in.)

So quite conceivably, the bill of materials for a proper fix could be in the £200-£300 region. Of course, there is an awful lot of time involved, but your time is ‘free’ :wink:


When I was a lad we didn’t have t’internet. Sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:

But more seriously, it really does boil down to having the time and the balls (or desperation). I speak from the experience of doing an engine rebuild on my bedsit floor when I was young and broke. I had no previous experience, just a Haynes manual and some spanners.


There was no internet when I was a lad either! :rofl:

Thanks all for advice so far…

The bike does work…it just made a noise … I am wondering if that was the bits flying around, and now they are out I could sell it on to “webuyanybike” etc who have offered my £2.5k for it!

I really do/would value the experience of talking this job myself…but I am aware that I only need to miss a washer, or have a spacer the wrong way round…and I’m back to square one! And…it seems there may be some criticality to getting the engine back in the frame correctly! Let alone a lift if some desc6to get it out!!

I am still thinking…all advice is useful.

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It did occur to me that with modern bikes having all the extra sensors for the ECU, and water cooling, and computer aided design enabling that to be squashed into a tight space, access to remove engine is a hell of a lot more difficult nowadays. The actual engine bits inside the crank case are probably no different.

That sounds like a tempting possibility. Of course, bike will probably be sold on to a new unsuspecting new owner…

I’m not trying to pass judgement, don’t know what I would do if I was in your position and that was the only way I could afford to run a bike.


I hear you @BrownMouse and it doesn’t morally sit right with me either. It’s not like I could pass it on and say “oh, by the way…I also fished these bits out the sump”!

Having looked through the service manual for an engine removal…it’s not so much all those ancillary sensors of a modern machine that make it difficult per-se, more my initial reading and some info about spacers etc.for the actual engine mounts.

I will continue to read and assimilate…and consider my options.

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Having considered ALL my options…I have decided to “try and get it fixed”.

With a wonderful suggestion made already, I’ll get the engine out myself …then a professional to actually sort the gearbox.

So…today has been spent getting to get ready to remove the engine…

So, have removed:
Throttle bodies
Fuel rail
Oil cooler
Clutch cable
…and many electrical connections…and used a lot(!) of tape for labelling!

Then it was beer time.

Tomorrow will be footpegs and gear leaver etc …