Nord Lock washers - has anyone used them?

Has anybody used these?

It says not to use against a Hard surface like ceramics as they need to impress into the surface - really? And I hear that the torque needs to be increased by up to 20% to ensure they work.
Increasing torque on bolts would elongate out of spec but I don’t think I’d want to use on those applications

There are places on bikes that may warrant these but they are pretty expensive for a washer - normal use sizes are around 60 to 70 pence each!

Looks like I’ve talked myself out of using them…but they may be of use to others

These crop up now and then at work when there’s an issue with things coming loose.
About two years ago there was a large investigation to see if we should change to Nord Lock for a particular area. The findings were, vague and due to the increase in parts, too complex for some of the maintainers, the idea was thrown out

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That would definitely depend on the type of ceramic.