Norton are back

Air cooled


They are lovely looking bikes but at a tad under £17K they’re out of my budget, as much as I’d like to support British made bike manufacturers, I’ll have to pass on this one. However, I think Norton were also expensive back in the days?

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I’m sure for many people it will be once bitten twice shy.

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They’ve a lot of bad press to over-come… but Landrover and Jaguar still sell hand over fist! :man_shrugging:t2:

Bloody lovely looking bikes! I reckon they’ll sell. But the Thruxton R is cheaper and more powerful, the Norton would need to be very good and not just pretty!
Then at that money you could be buying superdukes and the likes :grinning:

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Looks a cool bike, however a few things would prevent me from buying one. First is the price and then it only has a five speed gear box and finally the the77 bhp. As @Andyc1 says the Thruxton R is cheaper more powerful, has a six speed gear box and looks equally as good. I’ll be keeping my Thruxton :slightly_smiling_face:


Norton should not have cancelled the Atlas Ranger 650.
It looked good and nailed the current trend for scrambler/tracker style bikes and it was under £10000.
Should have built up a business selling these rather than higher priced models.


It’s about £3k more than a Thruxton, but arguably more desirable (to me at least).

For me, there’s something really appealing about the Norton brand - despite their recent woes.

I really like the Thruxton and the Speed Twin and can see one or other in my future, but must admit that the Norton Commando for another £3k would be very tempting if I ever get serious about it.

I’m not sure missing 20hp really matters on this type of bike, it’s all about the desirability.

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As @Alfie points out it’s proper air cooled which would add to the appeal for me (and why you lose a few hp).

The power would be fine provided its light, didn’t see any mention of weight. But for me, to part that money for a retro, it would have to be VERY good to ride.

I never much liked the rear on the nortons. Especially the tail light, looked a bit afterthought, hopefully its better looking now

Agree entirely