Norton dealers announced

Norton have announced some dealers who will be selling their pricey, desirable bikes.

The Bike Shed in Shoreditch
Krazy Horse London
P&H Motorcycles in Crawley
Via Moto in Sheffield
Thor Motorcycles in Bodmin
Oakmere Motor Group in Cheshire.

All of these will cover test rides, servicing, repairs, parts, accessories and more.

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That is really interesting as Oakmere Motor Group is a car dealership in Northwich.

I know Via Moto in Sheffield. It sells Aprilia and Guzzis. Not a particularly notable dealership for the area compared to SMC.

I do find the Norton Commando very appealing.


All in the south, then. Just as well I don’t want one.

I feel your pain :rofl:

Sorely tempted…i have a pension to cash in soon




I would advise against telling the people of Sheffield they live in the south. :grin:

I did, frequently… it was hard for them to argue… what was worse was asking if they supported Wednesday… :grimacing:

I’ve never understood why people living in the middle of England call themselves northerners. :thinking:

They’re all ‘down south’ as far as we’re concerned…

I’ll let the so-called ‘northerners’ field that one. I’m only an immigrant. :smile:

Oh well, I suppose nowadays it’s OK to identify as whatever one likes… :slightly_smiling_face: