Norton V4SV Review Video

I saw this at last year’s Motorcycle Live at the NEC. It is a thing of beauty and no mistake.


I do like an Aprilia :wink:

Can’t say he’s selling it to me… :confused:

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Lovely looking thing and I still think the Norton brand has great appeal despite its recent troubled history. Sports bikes aren’t really my thing, but even if they were - £44k - :scream:

Even if I had that cash to splash on a toy, would I risk it on a recently revived (again) company? Probably not.

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TVS is hardly a start-up. There’s big money behind the brand. Even if they did kill off Norton after a few years, which I doubt, think how that would affect the value of the bikes!

They are stupidly expensive but I’m tempted…

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I see there’s a V4CR coming as well. A naked with clip on bars.

I’m sure it will be equally pricey. Still looks great though :grinning:

Nope, I remain flaccid! :confused:

You need the V4DCS Edition. I’ll leave to work out that what ‘V’ stands for. :grin:

Viewed this at the NEC last year. Target price I think was mentioned at circa £40k ffs. There will be some out there that will buy even at that price.

£44k, apparently. There’s a short review in this month’s Bike magazine. They said it’s beautifully well made and a great bike but it’s not at the cutting edge in some areas, which you’d expect for a machine at that price. It feels to me that it’s more a collector’s item than an untouchable road or track machine.