Norwich aviation museum

With the weather forecast showing showers for most days next week I thought I ought to take advantage of the current sunny weather here in East Anglia so took a ride out to Norwich Aviation Museum.

Upon arrival it turned out that the car park consisted of a very thick layer of loose stones, so with the bike squirming along at walking pace I attempted to park up, but as soon as I stopped it just sunk into the stones! Clearly it was only going to move with the help of engine power, so no paddling it backwards into a parking spot. One very dodgy u-turn later I managed to find a corner that was stone free.

The museum was well worth the effort though and the entry fee of £6 something of a bargain. They had some nice stuff there. They even offered to look after my crash helmet and tail pack for me so that I didn’t have to lug them around. What nice people :slight_smile:


I love aircraft museums as well. Normally a great day out.

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