Not all comparison sites are made equal

I put the exact same details in two comparis sites today (for car insurance) and one (moneysupermarket) was nearly 10% cheaper than the other (GoCompare) for the same broker!

The lesson here is, compare the comparison sites.


Good advice @Octoberon . I also often having got quotes from the comparison site go direct to the insurance companies site for their own quote. Can sometimes provide interesting comparisons.


I have used money supermarket for years and it almost always is better value than go compare or the meerkats.


Me too. I found Hastings direct cheaper going via their website rather than via a comparison site. The other thing to consider is that by going direct you get a quote based on what you input to their site, not what the comparison 3rd party decides to share with the insurer so you can choose what excess you want to pay etc.


Direct Line are famously not on comparison site, as well. Like more things in life, it’s usually best to take advantage of the technology but then apply some of your own judgement, not follow it blindly

This also applies to the Daily Mail. :wink:

And the other bonus you get with comparison sites is lots of unwanted telesales and scam phone calls within a short period afterwards!!

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I haven’t experienced that. Are you sure it’s not some other websites you’re buying stuff from… :wink:

Heheheh gerroff! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: