Not going out

Took the dogs out this morning for their daily hike, I was going to go out for a spin this p.m. but there’s too many nobbers on two and four wheels about, I’m staying home.

Agreed. Too many idiots about. I prefer getting home early during the week and getting out then.
Way nicer but obviously, not many bikers out at the hangouts so you can’t have a decent mooch about the bikes.


Definitely staying at home over the bank holiday weekend.
Going out on Wednesday for a ride. Probably the Dales, maybe the Lakes or even North Yorks moors.
Hopefully the roads will be quieter as folk go back to work.
Roll on the kids getting back to school then we can start going off in the motorhome too.


I was out earlyish saturday morning and stopped for fuel, 2 other bikes at the garage, ridiculously loud exhausts. They both started the bikes and sat there revving for a minute or 2 before setting off. You could see peoples faces, they weren’t impressing anyone. Dick heads! No wonder we get a bad name.


Agreed, my pipes are loud, don’t want to get into the arguments about loud pipes saving lives, 50 years experience tells me all i need to know, but I don’t unnecessarily rev the shit out of my bike whilst stationery, waste of fuel and proof positive of a tiny penis imop.

Judging by the massive queues from Newby Bridge to very nearly Ulverston, a lot of the beggars decided to go home at the same time!

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Oh good, hopefully they will all have gone home by Wednesday :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:.

I was a bit surprised at how easy our drive to Plymouth was on Sunday. No delays, cruise control on pretty much start to finish. I think a bike lost his gear on the A38 mind…:slightly_smiling_face: