Not quite the weather I wanted

As Tuesday was such a wet, miserable day and Thursday was forecast to be the same (and it’s actually worse) - I grabbed the chance of a rideout yesterday.

Breakfast in Helmsley, great road, usually other bikers in the square to chat to and then home via Thirsk and Northallerton.

Set off in the sunshine but soon ended up in the low cloud over the Cleveland Hills. This usually clears as you drop down into Bilsdale but not this time - grey, miserable and cold.

Just me then :grimacing:

Same last Friday in Masham, beginning to feel like this chap :joy:

The run down to Thirsk was a bit of a disappointment as Sutton Bank was shrouded in fog - visibility really bad at the summit and quite damp.

More damp roads and grey skies on the way back until I joined the A172 back into Stokesley where the sun was still shining :sunglasses:


Hard luck Steve, but as l’m fond of saying, you can’t win a coconut every time. At least you were out on a bike mind…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Very true mate - better than being indoors wishing you had gone for a ride :grinning:

Not been out the last few days either. Lousy weather here as well. Tomorrow tiger in for MOT so will likely go for a ride after that is done. Well I will be out won’t I :slightly_smiling_face:


Been wazzing down for days here :rage: (although we still need it, reservoirs are still only at 30%).
I have to negotiate this track from my garage to the road, so not going anywhere anytime soon. :roll_eyes:

I know the feeling. My garage/shed is in our garden about 20metres down from house on grass which also gets very boggy this time of year :worried:

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As I’m currently in Kernow I can confirm this. You need a mighty GS, it’d make mincemeat of that little track, unless it’s like mine and chained up in the garage…

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A bit like this you mean?


At least you got out and that’s such a lovely looking bike!

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Sort of…won’t be long before I spay mine with fs365 and get the vacbag out as it’s in the garage with the cars so it gets damp in there when the cars go away wet.

I’d cleaned it ready to go away but the weather was so good last weekend in Worcestersauceshire I was forced to go out for a ride. It’s a hard life…

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My Thruxton went in its vacsac this week. Good to see you are still using yours Ade :slightly_smiling_face:

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20 metres? This may sound like one of those Monty Python exchanges, but I have to ride 3/4 mile down an unsurfaced farm track to reach the road :grimacing: . Not too bad on the Street Twin, but it was a bugger when I had the ZZR 1100…

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Don’t think it’ll be long. I’ll leave it until the bike starts to get condensation on it then it’ll be bagged up until next year.

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Huh, weather? Tell me about it. I’ve just spent two of the last three days literally wet to the skin in Gisburn Forest.

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Ok you win😂

Same down here, son is self employed forester working on Lord Falmouth’s estate, soaked and can’t get his tractor-trailer up the hill to his stack measuring site. NOT happy. :laughing:

Hope you didn’t pay to park in that empty car park by that bloody hitler?!!

Not this time, no sign of the little bugger!