Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Hello, firstly thanks to @Octoberon for your efforts - the lure of an ad - free, spam free forum was immense.

In a nutshell for those who do not already know me from elsewhere I am a new rider, having passed my test at the end of January and am fortunate enough to be riding a Street Triple R which I love. My only regret is having not got around to doing this many years ago as it has been an ambition of mine for a very long time. But now I have done it, I am on my bike whenever I can be (and utterly over enthused about the whole subject at times - steer clear when I come back from a great ride is my advice as I am at DEFCON 1 jabber level for a while :rofl:).


You are exactly the sort of people we like around here (and other places). :grinning:


Well, I’ve kept the same name (no reason not to!) and look forward to this exciting and great idea for all to enjoy!
Great, great idea @Octoberon and thanks sir!


Good to have you on board! It’ll be a bit quieter for a week while I’m on holiday but Ill keep checking in. When I get back I’ll see what people have to say, what needs tweaking, and start to work on a couple of new things.