Notice: Yahoo users not receiving emails

There seems to be a problem with Yahoo blocking email from the mail gateway used by the forum. This means you won’t be getting any notifications or post digests.

I use the same company (Rackspace) for the forum and my personal email. Both are getting blocked so it’s not a problem with the forum itself.

The mail gateway for sending email is working okay. Messages are being delivered to other email hosting providers (e.g. Protonmail) and I haven’t seen any other domains bouncing emails.

As far as I can tell the gateway isn’t on a spam blacklist so I’m not sure what Yahoo’s problem is. I’ll pick up with Rackspace support and see if they can shed any light on it.


I’ve investigated this further and the email delivery problem for Yahoo users is a known problem that the mail provider for the forum is investigating. It seems the issue is intermittent and some email is getting through.

It’s worth pointing out that Yahoo is quite notorious for mail delivery problems!

I haven’t seen any bouncebacks for Yahoo mail for about 24 hours, which corroborates what the forum’s mail gateway provider is saying.

I have seen an uptick in the Gmail bouncebacks, though. Might be a different issue. I’ll investigate further. @wessa there’s a test email or two coming your way from me to see if they bounce.