Oasis Snack Bar, Abergavenny

Oasis Snack Bar located in the bus station in Abergavenny - very popular and busy, basic “biker fare” and every kind of bike or scooter you’d want to see on a busy day 51.81986 / -3.014888.


I know this is an old post but thanks for the endorsement @MrsVisor. I pass this place regularly but have never stopped, partly because Baffle Haus isn’t far away.

I will give it a try :+1:

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It can get packed - on really nice days it can tip into “poser” / testosterone fuelled cock of the walk type territory, but on lots of other days there can be some interesting bikes to look at and people there to chat to. Last time I was there a bloke was chatting to me and said Moto Bites cafe in Aberdare was worth a visit for friendliness and interesting bikes. I haven’t got there yet though.

I do love Baffle Haus though, always got a nice atmosphere to it.