If you can stand his droning voice, Stuart makes some interesting points, I think. I have altered my profile to include the worm logo as I am on board with his thoughts.

I would be interested to read members observations.


I think it’s gotta come to a head, and he definitely has a point about the misrepresentation of key players agenda’s… there is, and will continue to be, a huge amout of profit to be creamed off the top of greenwash-agenda politics…

Do you remember about five years ago when Greta Thunberg was being so politically active and people were bowing to her great activism? She has been removing some of her predictive tweets that haven’t aged well, or rather, haven’t come to fruition!

I might even get my worm out on display… (does look a little like a cock n balls sketch though)


I agree these people are getting away with a form of control along the lines of the BLM movement where, if you said anything against them, you are villified.
There has always been and always will be groups that push their beliefs leading to oppression of any nay sayers so I can’t see it changing.
If I turned up for a ride out with the green worm on my helmet I would be torn another hole by my mates😀
His sentiments are right but I can’t see the worm symbol achieving much. I will continue to pay my MAG subscription for now. :crossed_fingers:

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Agree with his sentiments

I don’t think that there is any doubt about global warming. In my mind the whole green agenda in the UK is a joke. It needs the major countries around the world to step up their green agendas before anything we do will have any impact.
Not sure how effective the wearing the suggested badge would be. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’m pushing on with the worm badge, if nobody uses it, we’ll never know.
In addition, I have joined the Reform party, who are the only (small) party to speak against greenwashing, net zero and the current out of control immigration into the UK.