Oil level?

2010 ABS

I read elsewhere that…when checking the oil level, do so with the dipstick NOT screwed in, rather than screwed in. The difference in level helps the clutch and gear change/neutral selection.

Any thoughts?

It might well have that effect but you run the risk of engine damage from oil starvation.
Clutch problems on the earlier 1050’s are not uncommon, if you’re having issues search “The Other Forum” and you’ll find a few lengthy threads (in the Speed Triple section IIRC).

If the oil is checked with the dipstick not screwed in, then wouldn’t it actually show a higher oil level, Compared to screwed in ?

I’ll go to the back of the class, stand in the corner. :joy:

So wouldn’t that make clutch drag worse?

Thanks for the replies…

Yes, my understanding, from someone saying that know someone who used to be a Triumph technic, is that unscrewed does indeed mean a slightly increased amount of oil, and that that helps with the wet clutch being “better”.

I’ve been round the horn with my sticky clutch, and on the whole is now all ok…was just chewing the cud while MrsBe was watching Vera…

Daniel, slightly left field here, but what oil do you run? Years ago I moved to Silkolene Super 4 semi synth. Every bike I’ve had it in has had improved gearchanging using this oil. Just a thought :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Rev…

There is no specific issue as such (since my clutch work last year)…I am just “exploring”…

As part of that work i used

Motul - 5000 10W-40 (semi)…

There always room for improvement…so I just wondered if the extra 10mm of oil would make a difference?

Having said that, you do offer an interesting pov, to perhaps try a different oil whe the time comes…