Old haunts in Hampshire

“This week I have mostly been riding down to Hampshire.” :joy:

Travelled down on Saturday to enjoy a week in the New Forest (the quiet bit away from tourists).

Bike hiding under cover due to crap weather forecast.

Back to an old favourite yesterday - Mudford Quay.

A rude reminder that I’m back in the south, the cafe wanted £5.10 for a pre-packed “garage forecourt” sandwich of grated cheese on sliced white bread.

Weather did improve

This looked better in B&W


Great photos, I can almost smell the sea

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Those lobster pots were a bit whiffy :joy:

Probably all the sewage they’re eating.


Day 2 - a definite favourite when I lived here was the run down to West Bay from Winchester, mainly via the A354. (OK so it’s Dorset not Hampshire)

A bit nearer today so not quite the same distance but just as enjoyable.

Lunch purchased from here - has to be done!

If you watched Broadchurch you’ll recognise these flats as the police station (next to Helmet City) and the famous cliffs.

The wind eventually died down and the sun came out - managed to avoid any rain :smiley:


Lovely photos, loving the drama of the sky in the black and white ones!


Nice part of the country and I caught crabs the last time I was there :thinking: :joy: :rofl:

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The locals are quite friendly, then?

Nice pictures Steve. Looks like you had a great trip down memory Lane. :grinning:

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Homesick for stuffy traffic fix? :roll_eyes: or we’re you just bored?

Being away for 11 months I’d forgotten how bad the traffic can be down here. I know that the A35 can get busy but it’s just a constant stream of cars seemingly everywhere.

Not missing this at all! :grimacing:


The same when I go back to Somerset

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I still wonder why anyone would want to live in the south? Ok we up north don’t have the turnover of money and the high wages but quality of live is priceless if you have better air and space.

The South East is bloody awful, South West not as bad but compared to rural Wales everywhere feels crowded.


You’ll earn the same money up north if you’re working in the public sector (apart from London weighting), so more disposable income.

Plenty of big earners judging by the number of Porsches and Range Rovers riding round on private plates. More than I ever saw in Winchester :grinning:

That’s good to hear.

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