Old Triumphs for sale

All sorts of interesting machinery for sale here including a number of old Triumphs.


Liking the Egli Vincent :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Might make an offer…I wish!

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I’d like the ‘68 T120… it looks like a “proper” bike to me AND it the same age as me! I just don’t have the spare kidney…

I’ll take the Jag XK140, then sell it and buy the 1936 Brough and pocket the 50k change :+1:t2:


Can you not “borrow” one from work? :smiley::+1:

11 and a half grand for the Interceptor. You can almost get 2 new ones for that. Nice stuff there tho.

I’ll have the AJS, Velocette and BSA Gold Star race bike. I know…greedy!

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