One example of the power of Mother Earth

Ice are leaving (the lakes … now in the spring time) …

Play the video clip and put the sound on.

You might not see similar in UK / central Europe?

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Wow. When you said ‘leaving’ I thought you just meant ‘melting’.

Yes. Ice will simply melt away if the ice layer is pretty thin (not thick). But I already live north enough that the ice layers will get thicker here while our winter seasons.

If you have seen UK’s Top Gear episode where they reached the North Pole (2 with a car vs one with dogs) … you saw lots of that kind of packed ice.

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That is amazing to see. Did the building survive?

Seems to be small wood heated log based sauna close to the lake (= very typical in Finland). I do not know. It is quite common that ice will take/destroy the piers etc.

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