One for the Tyre whisperers

I’m thinking I need to reduce my rebound by a fair bit.

Lip on the trailing edge is quite high.

(Tiger Sport 1050, Road 6 10k)

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These Michelins always do that a little, drove me mad trying to get them right till I went to a bike mech in Beauly, he had loads of old tyres waiting for scrap and every Road Pilot had the same tread wear.
Your tyre shows lots of peel, Is it over inflated possibly.

I had a chat with my suspension guy yesterday and he basicly said the same. he seems to think it do to the large sipes. Anyway he confirmed my diagnosis and suggested slowing the rebound a few clicks.
I don’t believe there over inflated. I monitor my pressure via a tpm, and use the 3-4 psi rule.