Optimate 3 dual charger not working

I noticed today that my charger isn’t showing any lights. Seems dead. I’ve checked the power outlet and changed the fuse. Nothing. I haven’t opened it up to check for damage yet but just wondered if anyone else has an idea of what it could be?

Bolloxed he he :grinning:

Don’t get too technical now…

I can’t help on what the problem is but my experience of the Oxford Oximiser 900 charger is that it went awol after about 10months. It just stopped working I changed the power lead, no difference. I got it exchanged as it was still under warranty, the replacement is ok after 18months. The trouble with the failure is that it also drained the battery to the point that my optimate charger had to recover the battery, so if yours was connected when it failed I’d check the state of your battery.
Edited to add, the new one is 8 months not 18, I mucked up simple subtraction…!

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Ooh ‘eck! I’d better check that out

I had one of those which also went tits up after a very short time! Piece of crap :rage:

I then bought an Optimate which has been good.

I’ve had my optimate since the turn of the century (I love using that phrase!) and it’s been a reliable/quality piece of kit, even if it fails now. I feel the same as you about the oxford charger.

So in conclusion, the diagnosis seems to be “it’s broken”.

I rely on people’s expertise. I thought it was asleep. :grin:

Don’t know if there is a quality issue with Oxford chargers, but the one I bought died after 1h… I now have an optimate.

There seems to be a trend here

There is. And I’ve just noticed I said it’s an Oxford when it’s an Optimate. D’oh!

If you end up replacing I would recommend a Ctek MXS 5.0. Quality kit that covers bikes/cars/AGM or regular batteries, maintenance/recovery modes, etc.

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Doesn’t help with your Optimate/ optimiser but +1 for Ctek kit.

Why do you prefer the CTEK chargers to the Optimate and which one did you choose? I can’t see a dual charger on their website.

Ah, forgot about that, not a dual output charger unfortunately.

Wall mounted, easy to read in garage, pigtail attached to bike battery robust connectors…