Out and about on the country lanes

After yesterday’s trip to the Peak District I guess you could call me greedy, but when I awoke to sun streaming through windows and the forecast saying next week would be damp all week I thought I’d have next weeks ride today. :laughing:

I decided to do one of my normal long loops, but add an extra lane in I hadn’t done before, which as it happened caused satnav to modify the following section of route to include over 10 miles of other roads between Waltham and Grantham that I’d never done before. Don’t know how I’ve missed these nearish roads before, but it’s always great to be riding and not knowing what’s around the corner.

This crop looked like Mrs Mouse’s broad beans, but guess it’s something different…

After that though satnav tried to send me off a roundabout at this junction :astonished:

That necessitated me heading onto the A1 for a couple of miles before getting back on course on a fast quiet road, then the country lanes.

The sun was rather hazy in the morning, but when it came out, the rape was so intense it felt like it could burn retinas!

Around lunchtime I was at my favourite rest spot overlooking the Welland Viaduct and after eating the pasty I brought with me decided to have a chocolate break too :slight_smile:

I felt I could do with a coffee but hadn’t brought a flask with me. Fortunately my supplies included paracetamol with added caffeine, which soon helped both my back and alertness.

Now invigorated and with a spell of proper sunshine, I enjoyed familiar roads without feeling the ride home was a chore.

Once home it was time for another chocolate break, courtesy of last night’s shopping delivery.


We’ve not had any of that sun here today, not that I could have gone out. Looks like you found some good riding though.

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I could really get into pasty breaks!

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It’s a tough life eh! Grand day out :smiley:

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Make the most of what you’ve got whilst you’ve got it! :smiley:

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Lovely pictures. Looks like you had a good ride. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not jealous at all… :lying_face:

What bike is that, @BrownMouse

(Sorry if I should know this!)

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Mrs Mouse suggested ‘field beans’ which after googling that is the same species as broad beans
but a different variety, grown as a green manure or animal feed.

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2018 Speedmaster. With less than 3 inch of rear suspension travel, not the best bike for the sort of roads I often ride, but it looks so gorgeous :heart_eyes:



Interestingly…I “had my head turned” by a very similar bike just yesterday.

Have never really appealed to me…but yesterday…something about it’s thumping…just kinda made me go all fizzy…

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I used to live in Cornwall. This is the way.


Well spoken you have, Din Djarin. :laughing: