Out at last!

After a wet or busy April (never dry or free of commitments at the same time), the planets finally aligned today, and I got out on the Triumph for the first time this spring. Needless to say, it was great. I thought that for my first ride I would revisit some of my favourite roads here in Galloway, so I spent the day doing just that. Here’s a couple of pics. The first one is on the high moors on the Laurieston to Gatehouse road, with Cairnsmore of Fleet in the distance.

The second one is of the view across the Fleet Valley, further along the same road.

The weather was great (about 14 degrees, but sunny), the whins were in full yellow flower, the bluebells were out in the woods, along with the white hawthorn flowers and the wild garlic, and the lambs all looked freshly laundered. I can’t wait to get out again.


That looks beautiful - scenery, weather and bike!

Thanks. I have to agree!


I recognise that :slight_smile: Glad you finally managed to get out on your Triumph.


Perfection. Sunshine, motorcycle, scenery, lamb roasted in wild garlic…


Hmm, good idea. I forgot to mention the patch of mint growing in my garden…