Over trousers?

Hi all, so…new job…is gonna mean I am back to the commute - UK urban and A roads - (which am looking forward to), but am reassessing my ride wear - to the “office”…

“office” is jeans based.
I find that armoured (decently armoured Lvl 2) jeans are inevitably a bit bulky - unless you spend lots, and also can be a little uncomfortable all day…

So I am considering normal jeans, but with over trousers - so proper bona-fide motorcycle over trousers…so looking for waterproofyness, slide resistant, and armoured ideally both knee and hip.

I like these (Explore The Best Motorbike Over Trousers Motorcycle Waterproof CE Knee Armour Rain Scooter Biker | Bike Wear Direct) once I upgrade to level 2 knee protection, but no hip protection.

Any over trouser recommendations?

Cheers y’all!

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These aren’t over, but under…impressively armoured (hip / knee / thigh / coccyx) and you can even look like a fine Elizabethan gent under your jeans :+1:. Might get some odd looks from colleagues as you nip to the bathroom to take your tights off when you get there…

Edited to actually add a link :flushed:. https://www.planet-knox.com/product/action-pro-unisex-trousers/

I’ve bought a pair of 2nd hand Oxford Mondial trews (a few years old)…enough pockets, adjustable waist, inner liners, laminated construction… and mine have come with a salopette style, over the shoulders braces type affair which is very neat, supportive and back warming. Long and short waist zipper to fit most jackets, flaps on the thighs for cooling (noticeable but not a massive difference on hot days).
Down sides… I’d rather there was more adjustment on the ankles, they’re not “flappy” but looser than I prefer. The waterproofing was ok on my last ride (no big groinal leakages or over the waistband “treats” in some quite stiff downpours, just a slight moistening generally, rather than a specific point of entry), but it’s never been re-treated by the chap before me, so I’ve stuck a bottle of Grangers over them and the jacket I got… but I’ve not had chance to check the results out yet (probably tomorrow)

Thanks both!

The “under armour” looks interesting…but not sure I want to go that route…

And I do have a pair of salloppettes…just remembered (!) I’ll go see if they have a pocket for hip armour! You may have just saved me 50 quid!


I do exactly the same at this time of the year and it saves me getting undressed at work! :scream:

I have some Alpinestars waterproof textile over trousers with removable knee armour and hip protection with my regular jeans underneath. :+1:


You asked for it :wink:

Thanks @geoffb - is there a link you could pass on, and I’ll check them out?

I have a pair of these…too drafty!

Ah yes, good point :wink:

I’ve had them for a few years now but these are probably the closest to what I have.


How can someone leave a 2 star review for them saying “wrong size”. I mean…what a pointless and unhelpful review…

Get’s on my t#ts!

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I used to get these from work and honestly found them to be the best waterproof kit out there. Cheap, dry off quick and roll up small.

Get them well oversized so normal kit fits underneath and so they go right down to the floor over the tops of boots and well up over your waist to stop that annoying puddle in the crotch area.
They always raise a smile from onlookers when off the bike and look jolly smart too. What’s not to like.