Pat on the back

Just a quick pat on the back to Saul @Octoberon for producing an easy to use forum.

I also frequent the forum (for obvious reasons) and was going to copy my recent post about fitting a dashcam to said bike where it would obviously be of more use to that forum’s membership.
Before you can post ANY photos you have to create a seperate “photos gallery account” within the forum, then whatever you want to include in a post must first be uploaded to the “Gallery”. After that you can then link any uploaded photos back into your post. Phew!
Needless to say with a dozen or so photos to load and link I didn’t bother.
So I thought, just stick a link back to my post on the Triumph forum…
It seems only on pain of death.

Oh well, their loss. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: There are 3 extracts from their forum rules (thin screen shots) that you won’t be able to see unless you hover over and click.
Pah! rubbish forum this. :joy: :rofl: