Patent plate replace

Cleaning/polishing the timing cover on a vintage Triumph eventually removes the paint on the triangular patent plate. They can look ok if you want that vintage well used patina look and polish them up as well but I had a brass looking one in the stash…

Get a flat head screwdriver under it and prise off, exposing the scratch you just made with the screwdriver, 50 years of grime and the three screws

The screws are the tiny hammer in type. They need to be coaxed out as they are brittle and can be broken off in the cover (yes ok)

Nice brass plate and screws from stash. Loads of stainless ones but only 3 brass ones that came with the plate. They can ping away so be gentle with the tapping into the cover with a small hammer.

Take off the plastic cover once all secure

Can hardly see it but I know it’s there. All part of the service Sir, thank you, welcome…over :sunglasses:


I think I am in love :heart::heart::heart::heart: What a gorgeous bike!

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