Perhaps there should be a politics corner?

Johnson’s were probably the biggest, but I assume you’re talking about shape rather than size?

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As we may shortly discover, you can’t keep a good Johnson down. :slightly_smiling_face:

He certainly hasn’t been able to keep his down for very long.

Latest News - ‘Johnson Pulls Out’.

It’s like a 2 Ronnies pun!


And Truss has thrown the toys right out by resigning from the Conservative party all together. Saying they’re no longer a Democratic Conservative party.

She is correct. Whatever we think of her politics and personality, she has been hounded and bullied out of her position by a gang of mysoginistic dinosaurs. I think they call it constructive dismissal.

Change it from the inside then :joy:…or join the national front

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The country doesn’t deserve me Pat!

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You can read that in a couple of different ways :wink:

That was my intention…

So it is Sunak in to save us all :grinning:

I did say he had the makings of a PM during the pandemic. Best of a bad bunch by a distance, fingers crossed he can get us a bit straighter. Pound’s up already, might be able to buy some euros :smile:

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grandad ss

So my original question kind of worked…
Just need to avoid visiting my own thread.
:laughing: :joy: :rofl:

And without the hassle of having to declare his intention.