Petrol Prices app

I’m not too bothered about petrol prices when riding the bike, as it is so economical at 60+ per gallon. But diesel for the vans is a different matter. We have a Berlingo as a general runabout, and a Vivaro for larger loads (wife is an antiques dealer, god help me). Both vans have big fuel tanks, and cost about £100 to fill, so it’s worth getting the best price for the diesel.
This is probably old news to some of you, but a friend recently told me about a free app called Petrol Prices (there are others), which I have installed on my phone. You just type in the name of the town you are interested in, and it lists the local filling stations with their current prices. It has proved to be accurate and up to date for me so far, so it’s worth looking at it if you didn’t know about it.


That’s interesting to know. In the village I’m in there’s only a Morrisons and it’s dearer than branded petrol stations!! Cheeky twats

Just for your info, anyone travelling to and through France this summer should be aware that all fuels over here (I live in France) cost a minimum of 2€ per litre and up to 2.25€ per litre for 98 unleaded.

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Jeez Dave, what a surprise. Welcome in mate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot mate, Eric sent me a mail about the set-up so I asked to join straightaway.



Just got back from Norway and their petrol is 100% petrol and not cut with corn oil/ethanol. The 900 loved it! Pricey though and they produce it themselves.