Piston Club Bike meet

This morning Helmut and I went along to The Piston Club at Stag https://thepistonclub.co.uk who have started to hold a bike meet every Sunday from 0930 - 1130 to have a look as it’s a nice ride out for us. I took my Fireblade and he took the Multistrada.

It was absolutely packed but we had got there towards the last half so some people were starting to leave. There’s plenty of parking, it’s well marshalled and organised and although the queue for food and drinks was big they got through it really efficiently and it was tasty too. Most importantly, there was a great atmosphere and there were loads of bikes and cars to look at; it’s definitely somewhere we’d return :+1:.


So will that be the Brushes or Rotor Club when we’ve all gone electric? :wink:

We also went on to Doms Bike Stop and watched while someone tried to take a picture of a woman (his buddies pillion) on his GSX-R in front of the welcome sign. We knew it wasn’t going well when he took it off the side stand and she couldn’t hold it up without his help. Sure enough as soon as he stepped away to take the picture it toppled over to the right :man_facepalming: