Portable work lamps

I’m fed up with using the torch on my phone to illumiate those dark corners of the house, like underneath tha bath, or recesses around the car/bike. I have a bunch of ordinary torches but it’s time to get something more suitable.

I was looking at this sort of thing…

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 17.14.11

It’s a torch, a lamp, rechargeable and has magnets and a hook for placement, all of which seem like handy features.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a similar (or same) product that you’ve been particularly happy with, or would not buy again?

I got a draper one on ebay which turned out to be fake. The slim wand type are good, newer type of LED in them. I mostly use a head lamp now, nomatter what type of light I have it always seems a faff getting it to sit in an awkward place.


You might find this useful.


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Depends where you intend using it and what for. I have a couple of LED spotlights like these which I prefer if I’m working on the boke or cars in the garage simply because they put out more light. I have a couple of the torches similat to the one you’ve posted above which I think I got from Aldi and they’re ok in themselves as inspection lights if that’s what you’re after.

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I have 2 rechargeable work lamps, a rechargeable torch, and an inspection light, like your pic.
The work light is high lumens and the torch has a charge point for other USB devices.
I hang the work lights above my head and let them shine down, cos otherwise they are too strong really. They all have different batteries and different powers, so they all last around 4 hours of constant use.
Defiantly great to have and use, all of them. No need to spend huge. I was given one of the work lamps,so I have one cheaper/lower lumens and one higher lumens, light. For every day use there really isnt a huge difference even when tested in a dark room, go figure.
This thing works great.

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I need something a bit smaller for around the house. The lighting in the garage is pretty good. An inspection light that can just be put somewhere close to where I’m working in the house is what I need, hence the hooks and magnets may come in useful.

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Yeah, that’s the sort of thing I’m after. There are a lot of unknown brands out there. I’m a bit wary of ending up with a cheap knock-off that doesn’t last. I didn’t think to look at Draper.

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Never put a magnetic light on a brake disc with ABS by the way

I don’t think I would be likely to do that but I didn’t know you shouldn’t. What’s the reason?

When I had my daytona (mostly aluminium) the only place I could find was the brake disc to stick the lamp to. It threw up an ABS fault. Apparently the discs are de-magnatised. Luckly I didn’t mention the torch to the dealer and they replaced the discs, problem solved.

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In that case the hooky magnetic ones work fine for what you want. Mine are powered by 3 AA batteries rather than being inbuilt rechargeables as previously I’ve generally found when you want to use a rechargable device the battery is normally flat or low, where as if the AA batteries run low it only takes a few minutes seconds to change them rather than have to put them back on charge. The non rechargable ones are normally a lot cheaper to buy too. However… having said that the tool systems you can get that use a common battery might be worth exploring as the batteries are detachable? I have the 20v Ferrex stuff from Aldi with 3 spare batteries which allows me to recharge the batteries while using one of the fully charged ones. Currently I have a hedgecutter, a telescopic long reach version, 3 combi drills with hammer and screwdriver functions as well as an SDS hammer drill, all for not much money (especially if you buy when they’re selling the special buys off- I bought 3 of the drills for £9.99 each!) The drills in particular are brilliant, I used 3 yesterday to put some trellis up on the house for SWMBO. One had the masonary drill in for the raw plugs, another a wood bit for drilling the trellis so it didn’t split and the last to put the screws in which saves loads of time not having to keep swapping drill and screwdriver bits all the time.

Done it million times! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ve got something akin to the pixar lamp and a strong led head torch