Portugal sunset races

I’m determined to pick up with Superbikes this year after too long not watching. As such, I’ve started taking more notice of the news and spotted this today.

Assume that is being tried to get the Yanks watching

Been to Portimao a few times to watch WSB. Love the circuit and the local welcome :grinning:

So will they be fitting REAL headlights for that one? :laughing:

This year with the weight balancing should make for interesting racing. Add in the rider/ team swapping that has happened, I think it could be a brilliant series for a change . Last year was good but predictable…!

I am actually looking forward to it as well …!

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We went to Donington Park last year for the UK weekend. It was a great weekend of racing and particularly liked that you had access to the paddock where the racers were walking/riding through without having to pay extra. Had a chat with Bradley Smith, Maria Costello and sat next to Loris Baz in the bar. Toprak was hooning around on an electric scooter and just a great circuit for spectators. There were bikes on circuit most of the day so good entertainment as well.
On the flip side we also did MotoGP (only race day) but Silverstone is awful for spectators, it was too big and flat so you could only see and hear the little bit of track you were at and it took forever to move location due to the size of the circuit. Other than the main 3 races the track was pretty much empty unless you include the Ducati experience 2 bikes going round the circuit with pillions and you could get nowhere near the teams without a paddock pass, at a premium cost of course.