Prestone coolant/antifreeze

Hiya, any thoughts on using this? Seems good value (and available asap)…web says “it is fine for motorcycle use” but of course…what’s your opinions!?

I can’t see the specs for it…

Manual says coolant must be 50% solution of ethylene glycol…


I use it in my trophy, it hasn’t blown up yet… :worried: When I first put it in I ran 2 fills of deionised water through it first to flush out the old stuff, just to be safe. Nothing seems to have changed over using the triumph stuff, no better no worse. No rust has appeared in the overflow bottle. It’s about time to replace it this year so I guess I’ll see if it is as clear as when it went in. I have no idea about the tiger 1050’s requirements though.

Thanks …

I will likely use it, unless I find out otherwise.

I used a flushing solution for a day or two before finally drawing down ready to refil.

Don’t think you can mix the pink (OAT) stuff with the standard blue stuff, but apart from that should be ok?

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After flushing the Radiator on my 1999 Sprint several times I then carefully filled it with a pre-mixed Penrite antifreeze / inhibitor . Is it normal to take the Radiator a long time to fill ? , I found I had to trickle it in slowly to save it from overflowing at the filler neck . Any suggestions Gentlmen ? .

Yes, because of the angle on my Tiger I have to use a funnel (the upside down top of a tonic bottle and gaffa tape) to trickle it in.

It doesn’t take “long”. But it does take a few moments as it’s easy to spill…I generally fill it until it dribbles out the other side of the radia6at the air/bleed screw…

I then put the cap back on and fill the overflow to the correct level…run the bike and top up the overflow of required.

I can not remember the figures…but i roughly measure what came out (3L?) and roughly put that back in…so I know from the start whether I’m in the right ball park for quantity.

I’ve run the bike for a while now with the prestone with no ill effects.

Thankyou Daniel , all worked out OK . Became a little paranoid as the last thing needed was the dreaded airlock & insufficient coolant in the system . I truly wish I had purchased a machine like the Triumph 10 years ago ! .

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