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I know that Wordle was popular on TTF… good to keep the grey matter moving. Well, here’s a few other free daily puzzles that I’m using to try and fight off the Alzheimer’s. My current favourite is Semantle, or semantle jr. if I’m finding that a bit difficult.

Feel free to post your puzzle websites (I seem to remember a quiz one was set up, but I keep forgetting where to find it)

Semantle… find the word by guessing similar words and using a hot/cold system to get you closer.


Semantle jr… still tricky, but a bit easier


Wordle… a bit like hangman

Quordle… like 4 wordles at once

Worldle… guess the country silhouette by how many kms your last guess was away.


All very good @DCS222 but I need time to work, spend time with the family, cycle, eat, sleep etc.:grinning:

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@Dawsy: If you got the answer to Wordle a bit quicker, you’d have a bit more time for all the other things you mention… :roll_eyes:

Cardle is a quick daily quiz and it challenges you to identify parts of cars by photos in 5 attempts.


took me 4 on that one. Thanks!

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Cardle in 3 ….
Fuel filler location/ style a bit of a giveaway….!

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Todays cardle is easy, got it in one

Took me three.

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Failed miserably.
As soon as it was revealed, i thought it was obvious! Does anybody else think this?

Tuesdays Cardle was a Three ….Viva las Vauxhall…….!

It shows the circles I run in… I got the VV yesterday straight away; today’s, I was nowhere near :smile:

Took me all five guesses to get todays.

A complete fail for me today on Cardle, I honestly thought it was a British icon and not an Italian one!

Fail at Cardle today.
Built before I was born ……
Nearly… :rofl: