R nine T cafe racer

One for you, @Tigcraft. I know you’re going the other way with yours but thought you might be interested.

Not another fudge brown seat…sigh.

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Hides the fear

They always do the same thing with these customs. 2 things that immediately strike me that I dont like, the tiny front mudguard and the seat looks like its hanging off the back. Apart from that it would look alright (if it was painted a nice classy colour)

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It’s still a Beemer though, and we all know you can’t polish a turd. Begin ugly, end ugly. Simples… :grinning:

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I’m not a massive BMW fan but I can’t agree. The S1000RR is a fantastic bike. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t usually follow that look although on this occasion I actually like it and that’s saying something!
Yes there’s always that debate of something is missing at the back like a horse with no tail, or a cock without any gonads etc and it’s me that usually starts that bitching. In this instant I’ve bypassed the arse but I’m probably over looking that for the smooth way the quality components just flow and come over.

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No but you can roll it in glitter :grin:

Get a dinosaur turd that’s been fossilised… you can polish that!
Then dip it in glitter…
Then chop the mudguards and stick a brown seat on it!

(Tbh, I don’t mind the above… I just don’t notice a huge difference between it and the original… or the hundreds of slight variations of its kind! I’d still have one of it were given me)

He’s right you know :point_up_2:

Now let me just balance the books for you, this is a turd, rgv250 race bike tank!!
Just filling holes before I dress it up. It even needed a filler neck making, so a real turd!

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