R nine T tank paintwork

So I’ve an R9T with a brushed aluminium tank that I don’t want to destroy but the bike is too ‘monochrome’ for my liking. I’ve bought a second ’steel’ tank to give it a makeover and I’m going to make it ‘brushed’ copper with probably contrasting emerald green. I’m going to keep it as a OEM BMW ‘Option 719’ theme as their factory custom range is known as that so it will be green on top and leading side areas with copper on the trailing side.


Reckon that will look very smart. Can you post a picture of the top of the tank, which will show the colour/design better than the side view in the picture. Ta! :grinning:

Like this?


That does look good. R9T is a good looking retro bike - interesting alternative to a Speed Twin.

Green and copper should be nice!

Yes and I’ve had a :bulb: moment as I’ve got a crap white but good helmet that I could match too

Yes that is just the ticket. Looks very good.

Looks good, if it were mine I’d have to go for the traditional BMW black with white pin stripes.

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Yes I do like that classy conservative approach from bmw but I get the feel people in the street or even image designers are scared of real colour. There’s too much monochrome out there and it’s just drab. I must have about a couple of hundred tins of paint left over from jobs and they mostly are white silver grey and black followed by blues then a few reds. :roll_eyes:


Well it’s a retro after all…

The colour scheme sounds lovely!