Recall for america only? 1200 rs and rr

Hi there all,
Spotted this on the web news thingy but just for American Market only?

I keep an eye on the FEMA web site that tracks recalls in Europe. There’s nothing about it there.

Not sure why but its america only. Dragged their heels abit too by the looks of it.

It would seem strange that American market bikes would have a different specification fan to other markets. I’m sure other markets experience similar temperatures to areas of the US.

I doubt it will ever be a problem here in the UK though :grinning:

Possibly because of the cost? Not sure whats involved but lots more triumph bikes here than the us of a but, as you said, not sure what the difference is. There is a pdf you can download on that link though.

I think you’ll find there’s many more Triumphs in America, UK market is about 10% of the Triumph output. Even in more northerly states the temperature gets well up into the 90s every summer. The reason is more likely the yanks are much more litigious than here and they won’t want to cop a big and likely expensive legal battle.