Recommendations please - Tracker

Ayup, I’m thinking of getting a vehicle tracker for my bike/car… I recall DILLIGAF from TTF had a recommendation? But that was a couple of years back… what neat solutions do you use??? Are there any to avoid???

You can get Tonto to trot along after your bike. You’ve just got to remember that when you get to your destination, don’t leave your injun runnin. :rofl:


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Cheap and cheerful solution if you have an iPad or iPhone might be an Apple AirTag? Hide it on the bike.

I have this on my B#W.

Was on the bike when I bought it and paid a 3yr sub of £259. Seems reliable and obviously works, get a text if I move it without the fob on me. And can record all your journeys if you want.
Only irritation is over winter I get an email from them every 28 days saying they can’t communicate with the bike and ask to switch ignition on for a few minutes, they’re happy then.

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I have had this on the Tiger for almost three years now - seems to work well.

Only negative is that it’s quite large and hard to hide.

I use a monimoto tracker and its been great BUT a quick check to do is to make sure what phone network band it uses! Mine is 2g and the network providers are going to be switching of 2g and 3g pretty soon so I’ll have to get another bloody one.
Could save you money sir!
Edit… This could mean that a few of the “older” ones will be on sale soon so be careful i suppose!


Do you know, that might just work Neal.
We’ve just got back from Thailand and our luggage was left in Bangkok.
We could track it back to Heathrow, where it now resides…
Hopefully we will get it back tomorrow.
Battery is supposed to last for a year or so. Not sure about their waterproofing abilities.
Apparently they work off other people’s iPhones and just link onto any nearby iPhone to send their location, at no cost and no one knows that the signal has been sent from their phone.
Very clever….

The new itags warn the unsuspecting phone user that they are being tracked. To stop creepy-stalky-rapy types tracking unsuspecting victims (allegedly :grimacing:)

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