Redditish… how do you…

How do you respond to posts in that other skin thing? Couldn’t see the reply function

There’s a reply option under every post. The buttons you usually see at the end of a topic (thread) aren’t there in this theme but the developer said he can put them in. In fact, I can customise it for us but I need to do a bit of reading about hwo to tinker under the bonnet, as it were. For now just reply to the last post.

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I may just want to respond to the gist of the post, rather than a specific poster, that’s all

yep , noticed the same issue. The main reply icon on the right below the time bar is not working sometimes. On that topic it works. On the joke topic it’s not working

Now it works. Looks like something unlock that button (scrolling, reply another topic) … strange

Yes, that’s a reasonable expectation. We’ll put the button back.

I haven’t been able to recreate that issue. If it happens again let me know as much as you can and I’ll pass it back to the developer. He’s still actively working on this theme, which is quite new, so it’s possible we may come across some things that need fixing.

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It’s quiet day at work so I’ve done some digging and found out how to add the buttons back without having to wait for the dev to update the theme. They should be there now. Any problems, let me know.


He said… replying to himself! :joy:

I’ll get the hang of this forum stuff one of these days. :grin: