Reluctant hot idle

2019 Tiger Sport. 50 000 k.
Bike runs perfectly, start first attempt when cold. but its reluctant to idle, without some throttle when hot. though it cranks and starts just fine.

About to do a oil,filter and air cleaner change, so though Id investigate this while at it.

Any suggestions on possible causes, that I should check would be appreciated.

Look at the air pressure sensor and lambda (exhaust) sensor? These can cause rough idles.


sensors is a good start, then I’ll check TPS sensor.

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Crank position sensor can cause this kind of problem. More commonly reluctant hot starting, really. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Valve clearance?

Unlikely (IMHO), valve clearances closing up will give reluctant cold starting in my experience. No experience of symptoms if clearances have opened up (more unusual)

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Depends, some bikes close over time, some increase, varies from model to model.

How many throttle bddies does the bike have? My 1200 twin has two ‘carbs’ and the idle is much improved after I balanced them.

according to the manual I have it can’t be adjusted on the later model tigers.

Throttle bodies look to be with in range, I haven’t had a chance to check sensor voltages yet.


Got out for little 350 k test ride today and although I’m not sure exactly what has changed, but after my service and TuneEcu Scan/check, bike is running like a swiss watch and started perfectly hot or cold.


Did you do ‘reset adaptations’ in TuneECU? That makes the bike forget all it’s adjustments it ‘learns’ to make the bike run as lean as possible for emission control. (The last service I did that made the bike feel a little more responsive and fuel economy to drop by 10%).

I also had poor running problems when bike was still in warranty, and that got fixed by dealer the same way.

My bike has a 1200 twin engine, different to yours, so may behave differently in this regard.

Yes did force an adaptation, just figured I’d do it while in there.

funny thing is My fuel economy for today was one of the best I’ve had, and I wasn’t exactly dawdling around. :imp:

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