Repair Shop

This is local repair shop I have had service done for trucks at, don’t know if they do work for Triumphs but can ask them.

They have a $10,000 exhaust line bending machine left behind by previous owners that no one who works there knows how to use, I might want to buy this but also don’t know how to use that and don’t have 10k but need to replace some exhaust lines.

Service rate is $145/hour u.s.d.

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That’s a loooooooooooong way away from the UK… I’d like a toy like that too

Is far to go by bike indeed, doesn’t seem too far by airplane though. Have gotten good deals for flights with Norwegian air to Gatwick in south London in years past, was on their first flight for that route Sept. 17th 2017 they served cake for that at Seattle departure airport!

Could ship custom exhaust lines would be less expensive than shipping a whole bike by air/ship freight that far.