Replacement battery (Tiger 1050 ABS 2010)

Thought I would move this over to here…

The bike is garaged in an unheated garage, so temp pretty chilly (minus something!).

It is used to commute on everyday, and all is generally running well.

Similar non-start issue last week, but resolved itself after a few minutes when it fired up. That evening I put it on an Optimate charge…green all looked good.

Used bike fine yesterday.

Bike wouldn’t start this morning…pretty sure it is the “cold cranking” issue, caused by an underpowered(?) battery, or relatively low CCA?

Current battery is

I took some voltages:

Battery ignition off: 12 V
Ignition on: 11.7
Trying to crank: 9.4

…these numbers don’t look so good? Any obvious issue!? What else could I test?

I am a “whatever the weather commuter” so need a good, solid, strong start each and every day.

Was thinking of this as an upgrade:

Opinions welcome!

…just found it for less than 50 quid!

I replaced my trophy’s battery a year or so ago with a Motobatt version from Tayna. They were the best price I could find at the time and the trophy certainly spins the starter motor faster than the old battery did. However it was about 17 years old. I just had a look at tayna for the battery I used and it’s shot up in price and I can get the same battery from wemoto cheaper (I think it’s the same but they don’t seem to give the battery id, just the specs). It might be worth checking them out?

2 points

  1. Triumph code in to the ecu to prohibit a start if voltage is too low, this is done to protect the sprag clutch (which were problematic on early bikes). I would guess they’ve done this across the range.
  2. Counter intuitive but I’m told having headlights on for a minute helps warm the battery before attempting to start. I’m not a cold weather rider so I wouldn’t know :smile:. But SWMBO’s Street3 doesn’t put lights on till running, so might not be possible on yours either.
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Consider upgrading the puny Triumph starter leads. There’s a Youtube vid about it somewhere. Chap replaced the main starter and ground leads and bike cranked much more quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you both.

Bigger, more burley Motabatt battery now on its way.

I will also look in to uprating the cables…

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Another vote for Motobatt from me. Always fast delivery from M&P at best price.

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CCA’S are pretty much the most important aspect even beyond manufacturer. Though Motobats are good.

I’ve heard on the interwebs that that is essential for lithium batteries, which don’t like the cold. It sorta makes sense for lead acid-acid too, it would warm them up a little and, in general, heat speeds up chemical reactions.

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Yuasa TTZ14S is the battery replacement of choice for Aprilia V twins which are renowned for being hard on batteries during starts so would be my go to :wink:

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Thanks for the replies…

I have got the button (“Buy now”) on a Motabatt upgrade, and also, uprated cables…

Happy to report back…

Yup, had to leave the top of battery case off of my RSV to squeeze one in.

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Bought one of these for my Honda a few weeks ago:-

Paid £102 from a local shop. It was for my Honda Civic though and i’ve just bought a smaller one for the wifes car, again a Yuasa for £67.

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