A few ideas have been mooted about how to organise information related to working on bikes, so here’s my suggestion for restructuring this category as ‘The Workshop’. Feedback and other thoughts welcome, as always.


I like the general idea :slight_smile: Where would ‘fixing’ go? Servicing?

Not sure. It’s sort of a ‘how to’ but doesn’t sit quite right in either place. I’ll give it some more thought.

Fettling… :+1:

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Isn’t that light customising?

No, it’s getting something to work how you want it to/sorting something out…

“My bike’s handling needs fettling…”
“The rear light cluster looked Shiite, but I’ve fettled it now…”
“Them codeine phosphate don’t half bind you up, but neck some prune juice and a gert bowl of all bran… that’ll fettle yeh!!!”

Ah yes, prune juice…I see it all now.

Could be “How to - Fix a blown head gasket on a 2015 T100”

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Yeah, that’s my thinking as well but that section should be more of a knowledgebase, so no long threads with all sorts of discussion. I think we still need another area for people to rock up with their problems and work through them with help from others, including questions about a ‘how-to’ article.

This could be another good use of the blogging functionality but I’m still having problems with that install.

How about this…

The Workshop - Unlike most other categories that have sub-categories, this one would be open to posts and replies. The analogy would be the workshop cafe where people can chat generally about what’s in the sub-categories, their own experiences, what they’d like to see etc. The idea is to keep too much chit-chat from clogging up the more focussed areas.
I also suggest that discussions about what people are thinking of doing to their bikes, have done to them in the past (unless you’re writing it up, in which case it’ll go in to a sub-category), or recommendations for upgrades etc. remain under the Triumph or Other Makes categories. The workshop should be about working on the bikes, not window shopping.

Restorations and Rebuilds - Full bike restorations, projects, and rebuilding whole areas of the bike (e.g. engines, gearbox etc.). Blog style posts. Edit your first post when adding more content. Replies below for comments and answering questions.

Repairs & Upgrades - Any sort of repairs that fall short of a full rebuild. Replacing a component that means stripping an engine would still be a repair. The usual stories of people fixing their bikes plus members’ questions and answers. ‘Upgrades’ are improvements to existing components or options. Adding new, non-standard stuff goes in Modifications and Customising

Modifications and Customising - Adding things to bikes that weren’t part of the original, from luggage racks and exhausts to full customisation. “I’m thinking about doing…” posts ahould be in the Triumph or Other Makes categories.

Servicing - How to service your bike. Not just the Haynes manual description but with all those useful tips learned from experience. Differences between years noted where appropriate. Questions from members and advice to those who want to service their bike or are having trouble doing it.

How To - A lean, knowledgebase area. All those jobs that aren’t just servicing. This section will be a step-by-step approach to doing jobs, large and small. Conversations about the experiences people have carrying out jobs would be for The Workshop

Equipment - Tools and other equipment used in the workshop. Stands, lifts, toolkits, consumables…anything you’d find in a well used garage or toolbox.

Suppliers - Recommended places to buy and other experiences that might help members with their purchasing decisions.

Some examples to help illustrate what should be posted where:

  • “Any tips for removing the swinging arm bolt on my Bonnie?” → The Workshop
  • “Here’s how to remove the swinging arm bolt from a Bonnie.” → `The Workshop-How To
  • “I’m thinking about upgrading my Speed Triple’s rear suspension. Any recommendations?” → Triumph-Street Triple
  • “Where can I buy 10mm sockets in bulk?” → The Workshop-Suppliers
  • “I use my wife’s toothbrish to clean the chain on my Triumph.” →

That sounds spot on to me :slight_smile:

P.S. @Octoberon Is it possible to move individual posts between categories, or is it a case of just forking a thread at a particular point in the tree? I’m thinking here of my fan fixing posts which could move to the Repairs and Upgrades section, and where I can add to the topic. (New relay should be arriving today \o/)

P.P.S. Or it might be easier for me to copy post contents to new place and edit the original to just say ‘Post moved to ’

I can move threads (topics) and split them. Not sure about pulling out an individual posts; that might not work as you can see how it could break continuity and be confusing in the original thread. Copying things around is simple enough, though. The original topic could be closed, or even removed if that made more sense.
Sometimes I move topics, or split them if they stray too far from the original subject in the title, depending on the formality of the category.

If no one has any other comments or suggestions I’ll restructure this part of the forum tonight or over the weekend.


Yep. I agree with all of that. Get it going and we’ll see how it pans out. I only ever work on older stuff (as I sort of understand them), if there’s confusion over makes, age etc I assume that’ll be sortable as the catalogue and membership expands.
More power to elbows and all that…