Reuse Gaskets

…if the clutch covers come off ok and in one piece is it ok to reuse gaskets (may look to upgrade the clutch lifter pin)?

The gaskets were new 8 months ago.

2010 Tiger 1050.

How much money are you saving?

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My experience is that different bits of gaskets stick to different sides of the join so I think that it’s optimistic having the idea that it’ll come off in one piece. Though to address your question of it being OK to reuse should it come off in one piece, I think the only way to find out is to try and see if it leaks. So you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya? :wink:

A new one from Fowlers is £6.43 + £3.50 postage, though there is the time cost of tediously scraping the old one off. (Went through this myself a couple of weeks ago replacing a knackered clutch lifter bearing.)

I would also suggest, given my recent experience, that if you do go in there to also check the state of the clutch lifter bearing to make sure it’s smooth and doesn’t have sideways play. (Seems a strange mechanical design to me to use those sorts of bearings in situations where the main force is sideways on the bearing races.)

Apart from the rubber cam cover seal on my bonneville, I always replace gaskets, it’s just not worth it for the sake of £10.

Now I feel like a cheapskate.

I mean…I am one, but now I really feel like one…

I’ll buy new gaskets…

And also check that bearing…

Thanks all!


For the want of a nail… and all that!

We’ve all considered it, so don’t feel bad. it’s not just money… it’s the added work and time etc. But it’s really not worth it in the end, the potential sequalae :grimacing: