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…I have found a man that’ll make up new 2007 - 2012 Tiger 1050 headers for about £200!

Considering you can get some from the US for a similar price - that are originals and may or may not have cracks/be pressure tested…I think £200 is fantastic value.

His tubing will be slightly thicker, and bends will be manufactured, not formed, so thickness is consistent rather than stretched. Welds are Tig/purge welded so a good quality joint.

Ideally, give him your old ones, and he will use the original 3 tops (as these are cast and so resumable); and he’ll use the bit just past where 3 become 1.

In essence he is just retubing the 3 pipes (which seems to be the weakest point).

Considering it has just cost me 90 quid to have mine welded up…I think new ones for 200 is extremely good value.

Although my welds may last, the remaining pipe may not…and once they blow again…I will, without hesitation, get him to make me new ones!!

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Good find, thanks for sharing. :+1:

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