Richmond (not the one - upon - Thames)

Dentists first thing to have a bit of missing filling replaced. I assumed that drilling into it would be no problem as it’s an old filling, so I refused the numbing gel.

Bugger me!
“Is it safe?” sprang to mind :grimacing:

Lower Market Place

Excellent cafe in the covered market - good breakfasts


Dentists, never seen a poor one. I’ll bet he/she gave you a spanking lol
Pictures look good, I like the look of the black and white on :slightly_smiling_face:


I had to pay her extra for that! :joy: :joy:

Yep… love your b&w pics @stevelovatt . I thought the sign read, old motorcycles only before I realised you chopped the s off :rofl:


Looks lovely and brings back good memories (not the dental part!!!). I lived on Castle Hill in about 2008 ish (can’t recall exactly :rofl:).


Richmond in Richmondshire, been there many o times. All those mini towns look similar

Mini towns? Market towns dear boy!
No two squares are the same. :joy:

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Only in format!! :wink: