Ride to Helmsley

A run to Helmsley after changing the chain and rear sprocket on the Tiger. Chain wasn’t too bad after 20000 miles but it had developed tight spots due to unwise choice of chain lube. I reckon I would have had to remove it to properly clean it, ie. soak it in paraffin.

The rear sprocket compared well to the new one, hardly any difference in profile but I changed it anyway. Didn’t bother with the front though for the same reason. Loads of gunk and sticky crap under the front sprocket cover (you have to remove the quickshifter to get access to this) but all clean now!

Took the back road part of the way to Helmsley over the Cleveland Hills.

Helmsley was busy as usual, it is probably the most touristy of all the market towns, with a few bikes in the square.


Looks like the weather has held for you. It is raining here in Cheshire. Do you still have to pay to park in the square?

Yes, the weather, despite a forecast for rain was sunny all day yesterday. Due to get rain and strong winds from today though.
Still have to pay to park but very few people do - just keep an eye out for yhe traffic warden :grinning:

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Been a while since weve seen the Tiger hasnt it? Anyway good to see you out and it.

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Yes, it’s been a bit neglected since I got the Street Triple.
It’s going to get some use over the next few days though despite the weather :rage:


You did well to get 20,000 from the oem chain. I used a Scottoiler from day one and my chain was screwed at 14,000.


I’ve got a manual oiler and I have managed to clean and adjust the chain fairly regularly but it has done well. Last one on the 800 managed 18000.

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