Ride to the Wall 2022

Last Saturday was the Ride to the Wall 2022 https://www.rttw.org/. For those that don’t know this is an annual event of remembrance for all those with connections to the Services to ride to the National Memorial Arboretum https://www.thenma.org.uk/
Bikers meet at various points around the country and ride in to meet at the NMA where there are various things happening, culminating in an act of remembrance at 1400. This year they estimated 8000 bikes took part as well as people making their way on different modes of transport. I joined in at Strensham services, we left at 0900 in an organised ride/gaggle and arrived a couple of hours later. It has to be said that there were most definitely a range of riding skills on display in the group and whilst it’s not the correct group ride etiquette, for the sake of my safety I did feel it necessary to reposition myself during the ride :angry:. It was well organised and easy both in and out of the site although some of the parking sites were a little hairy. I was directed down a small dirt and stony track next to the river (I only saw one bike who came little too close to the river :scream:) which definitely isn’t the best surface for a big cruiser to traverse. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture of that location, I was just relieved to have made it safely. Here are a selection of pics from throughout the day I’m on the Nightstorm in the red check shirt :sunglasses:


Wow, that’s impressive.


What a great rurnout. Had no idea it was on and so popular. Thanks for the pics, @HelmutVisor